To Meet without Seeing

Hallie Lomax
1 min readFeb 16, 2022


How many times do you have to glance at a face
Before you see the person looking back at you.

Maybe its the third time you had to do a grocery run this week,
And the cashier asked, “Spaghetti again tonight?”

Or the fifth time you say, “Sorry!”
For almost spilling your coffee on a stranger
And they say,
“We’ve gotta stop meeting like this.”

I used to think my memories were the only known source of truth
Until I lost count of the number of times someone responded to
“Hi, my name is — ,” with
“I know.”

Have you ever locked eyes with someone you’ve known for a thousand years?
I had two unrelated people on separate occasions tell me that my dog looked like the reincarnation of a man being punished for his treatment of women in a past life, and it felt a little too specific to be pure coincidence

From the moment your laugh first reached ears, my heart ached with the weight of the decades we’d spent apart
I sat you down for hours, needing to hear everything that I missed
But, with each passing word, I realized there was nothing you could ever tell me that would feel brand new