Lone Star

Hallie Lomax
1 min readJul 19, 2018


When you look in to the sky at night, have you ever wondered what it must be like to be light? To move through time and space at a speed so fast that it almost feels as if one can’t exist without the other?

What are they running to?

Who are they running from?

Have you ever thought a photon brave? Adventurous? From the moment it is born, it’s fleeing from all that it’s ever known, towards a final destination that will only exist when it ceases to.

When you look into the sky, your eyes are bombarded by particles that took off on their life-long journey to meet you on a day when dinosaurs breathed the air that fills your lungs.

Have you ever stood there and wondered, if we could speak the language of the stars, would we hear them calling out the sweetest of well-wishes for the children who leave them and never look back?

Or do you think our ears have long since fallen deaf to the muffled cries of our universe’s loneliest souls