Hallie Lomax
1 min readDec 4, 2015


Blabbering away
About things that matter, but don’t
Dangerous thoughts
That are so in the past
They couldn’t realistically exist in the future

Fingers dragging across a keyboard
Typos, backspaces, spellcheck

Who am I talking to
Who am I surrounded by
Who are you
Who am I

Silently sounding in tabs
Forgetting to keep up with the present
Not wanting to live in the moment

Too drunk to process
That now is not the time for confessions
I love yous
I want yous

But what do you want from me
That is the question
Tis nobeler for my heart to wonder
What could or couldn’t have been
Than to live with the awkwardness, spiltforth
By an unwanted advancement

To halloo thy name through the reverberate hills
Of a town that I don’t plan to leave any time soon

Chaos of communication
Blood in mouth
Hand on teeth
Foot in fist
Nose in dirt

Found this in my drafts. Thought I’d share.